Research Achievement Award

Award Information

This award recognizes a program faculty member who has made extraordinary contributions to research and scholarly work related to PA education; therefore, it may not be awarded annually.

The deadline to submit your nomination(s) has been extended. It is now 11:59 p.m. ET on June 1, 2021.


Nominees will be evaluated on two or more of the following areas:

  • Scholarship that is distinguished
    • Distinguished: published in peer-reviewed journals, high-impact books or book chapters, high-quality conference presentations or proceedings, or equivalent work to PA education literature that is influential on a national level
  • Scholarship that is sustained over time or is seminal
    • Sustained: ongoing contributions over time that result in a substantial body of work about PA education, the profession and other related topics
    • Seminal: original, fundamentally new ideas that are course-changing
  • New knowledge or a significant extension of existing knowledge to PA education
    • New knowledge: original work that may be limited or broad in its application
    • Extension of existing knowledge: addition of facts, evidence, or interpretation to existing published topics
  • Applicability of scholarship to a broad range of PA programs
    • Applicable: usable by PA programs in varied geographic and academic settings, and with varied instructional frameworks

Requirements and materials

Employment Status

Employed at least half-time at the time of nomination (0.5 FTE) at a PAEA member program and for a minimum of three cumulative years in PA education. All years do not have to be at the same program.

Record of Contributions to PA Education

A list of scholarly contributions to PA education or indication of a recent seminal work of importance to PA education must be included in the nominee’s CV

Nomination Letter

A list of scholarly contributions to PA education or indication of a recent seminal work of importance to PA education must be included in the nominee’s CV

Letters of Support

Two letters of support addressing the author’s first-hand knowledge of the nominee with relation to two or more of the award criteria

Research Achievement Award

Submit a Nomination


  • Complimentary 2021 PAEA Education Forum registration
  • Crystal award
  • Check for $500
  • Recognition at the Education Forum Awards Ceremony

Previous Recipients

The Research Achivement award not given in 2020.

  • 2019 – James Van Rhee, Yale University
  • 2018 – Eric Larson, MEDEX Northwest
  • 2017 – Gerald Kayingo, University of California – Davis
  • 2016 – Christine Everett, Duke University
  • 2015 – Theresa Hegmann, University of Iowa
  • 2014 – Jennifer Coombs, University of Utah
  • 2013 – Bettie Coplan, Northern Arizona University
  • 2011 – Anita Duhl Glicken, University of Colorado
  • 2010 – Perri Morgan, Duke University
  • 2009 – Donald Pedersen, University of Utah
  • 2008 – Meredith Davison, University of Oklahoma, Tulsa
  • 2007 – P. Eugene Jones, UTSWMC
  • 2005 – James Cawley, George Washington University
  • 2004 – Albert Simon, Arizona School of Health Sciences
  • 2003 – Richard Dehn, University of Iowa
  • 2002 – Roderick Hooker, UTSWMC
  • 2001 – J. Dennis Blessing, UTHSC