Fostering Wellness

For the past year, PA programs and their faculty have been operating at surge capacity. Throughout the pandemic, many of us have sacrificed our own well-being. Working from home – in many respects – has become living at work. Which is why it is important to intentionally disconnect from our work and computers.

Self-care is critical, not just to preserve our own mental, emotional, and physical well-being, but to also allow us to support our students who are also struggling to adapt in this virtual environment. We tell our students to take care of themselves; we tell them that they cannot study 24/7, and that they need to exercise, get sleep, and eat well. But are we taking our own advice?

PA educators across the country share how they practice wellness daily in their own lives.

Join them in the journey to wellness by accessing timely wellness resources on avoiding burnout, supporting your well-being in times of change and uncertainty, and more in the Digital Learning Hub.

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