Time to Re-Attest: Eligibility Requirements to Administer the PAEA End of Curriculum™ Exam

Beginning in May 2020, PAEA modified its Assessment Exam Policies for the PAEA End of Curriculum exam to include program eligibility requirements that must be met in order to administer the exam. These requirements are important to maintain the validity of the assessment data we provide to all PA programs.

In order to be eligible to administer the PAEA End of Curriculum exam, all programs must meet the following requirements:

  • Security:The PAEA End of Curriculum exam must be proctored in person; the use of remote proctors is strictly prohibited for this exam. Additionally, the PAEA End of Curriculum exam must be administered using PAEA’s selected lockdown browser, Safe Exam Browser.
  • Graduation/Completion Date:The PAEA End of Curriculum exam must be delivered within the final four months of the program. Programs will not be able to schedule the exam before this point, so it is important to ensure that the graduation/completion date is accurate in ExamDriver.
  • Program Director Attestation:The program director must truthfully complete the below Attestation of Eligibility prior to requesting to schedule the PAEA End of Curriculum exam.

If your program meets the above eligibility requirements, or has previously signed the attestation before 4/1/21, and you would like to administer the PAEA End of Curriculum exam, please click here. Program directors will be asked to verify that their program meets the eligibility requirements, after which they will be contacted by a member of the PAEA Assessment team with clarifying questions or approval for exam scheduling.

If programs are able to safely bring students back to campus, PAEA will make real-time, case-by-case decisions to ensure that those programs can access the PAEA End of Curriculum exam. Programs that completed the attestation for the Class of 2020 will be required to complete it again for the Class of 2021. More information on this will be available in the Spring.