Congratulations to Our 2022-23 Future Educator Fellows

We would like to extend a warm welcome to this year’s fifteen Future Educator Fellows, who will be attending the PAEA Education Forum in San Diego. The Future Educator Fellowship is designed to help PA students develop functional educator competencies and demonstrate their learning through modules, teach-backs, and scholarly presentations. The fellowship is closely aligned with the PA Educator Competencies to create an initial pathway for educators to begin developing foundational skills that promote professional development throughout one’s career.

The selected students will kick off their Fellowship by attending the annual PAEA Education Forum, followed by a year-long virtual training experience. Throughout the virtual portion of their training, Fellows work through educational programming designed to enhance their understanding of the skills needed to be successful PA educators.

We’d like to introduce this year’s fellows. If you see them at the Forum, be sure to say hello.

  • Hamza Ahmed, Wingate University
  • Katherine Bullock, Duke University Medical Center
  • Madison Carroll, Marist College
  • Abby Cook, University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • Emily DesMeules, University of Utah
  • Taylor Ellsworth, Emory University
  • Bryan Fleischman, Emory University
  • Christopher Heck, University of Iowa
  • Yiting Huang, University of Pittsburgh
  • Katelyn Mokros, Kettering College
  • Audrey Oweimrin, Yale University Physician Associate Program
  • Ted Parker, University of Washington – Seattle
  • Austin Parrish, University of Dayton
  • Elliot Yamin, University of Southern California (LA) Laura Zdiarski-Horodyski, University of Utah