Host a Regional Education Meeting


The PA Education Association (PAEA) is seeking proposals from member programs that are interested in hosting a pilot Regional Education Meeting (REM) at their program’s / institution’s campus. REMs are a new conference-like educational offering that PAEA is bringing to its members and will be held within each of the four geographic regions (Northeast, South, Midwest, West). These meetings would be planned by PAEA’s learning team and would pay for and carry the risk for all associated meeting expenses. Our team would work in coordination with the selected host program to plan and execute the event. More information regarding the goals of the REMs can be found in the statement of purpose below.

Background Information

To achieve its mission and vision, PAEA offers an array of professional development for all of our members. This has traditionally included the annual Education Forum, in-person multi-day workshops, virtual workshops, and other ad hoc leadership and scholarship programming. As part of the Association’s drive to deliver even more impact and to meet members where they are, we are expanding our faculty development portfolio to include smaller, regional conference-style meetings to connect our members in new, innovative ways.

Statement of Purpose

Through the pilot Regional Education Meetings, PAEA seeks to do the following for our members:

  • Build regional communities of PA educators and interprofessional collaborators.
  • Foster the creation and implementation of a common mission at a local and regional level.
  • Provide professional development and education that meets both the immediate and long-term needs of PA educators.
  • Create a space for earlier-career faculty to present, begin to engage in scholarship, and grow their network of support.

These goals are just the beginning vision for our pilot meetings. We hope to grow these events further in a way that allows us to engage with other key stakeholders with PA education, including institutional leaders, preceptors, new graduates, students, and other partners in health professions education.

Benefits of Hosting

Why might a PA program be interested in hosting a Regional Education Meeting at their institution? This opportunity offers several benefits such as:

  1. Visibility and Reputation: Hosting at your institution will elevate the visibility and reputation of your program within the PA education and academic medicine community. It will allow you to highlight your program’s mission and impact, as well as demonstrate leadership, expertise, innovation, and commitment to advancing knowledge in PA Education.
  2. Program Networking: REMs will bring together other PA programs and institutions, allowing PA faculty and staff to connect with their colleagues in the region. This can stimulate collaboration and partnership opportunities and lead to future projects, research endeavors, sharing of best practices, and more!
  3. Faculty Development: Hosting the REM will allow your faculty and staff to access a significant amount of professional development and continuing education without the need to travel.
  4. Community Engagement: Offering this professional development opportunity allows your institution to showcase its facilities, expertise, and contributions to the community, fostering goodwill and building strong relationships that can lead to future collaborations and support.
  5. Promotion of Research and Innovation: If relevant, hosting provides a platform to promote research and innovation happening at your institution. It allows stakeholders to showcase their work, gain recognition, and receive feedback from peers and experts. This exposure could lead to new collaborations.

Scope of Work

PAEA will plan the majority of the REM, including registration, educational programming, food and beverage, etc. The host program will need to provide facilities (rooms, A/V, etc.) to host the meeting and identify a point person who will coordinate directly with PAEA’s team. The host program may also be consulted on programming and event design if desired.

The following event details are provided to assist with the host application.

  • Approx. Number of Attendees: 120
  • Meeting Duration: 1.5-2 days
  • Ideal Meeting Timeframe: March, April, or May of 2025
  • Ideal Meeting Days: Thursday – Saturday preferred, but these are open to discussion based on program facilities’ availability.
  • Number of Meeting Rooms: 1 large room that could seat all attendees and 4-5 smaller breakout rooms.
  • Meeting Room Sets: The general session room will need to seat at least 120 attendees. Breakout rooms should be able to accommodate up to 40 attendees.

Logistical Requirements

The following additional services will be required either through onsite support or a vendor with which PAEA will coordinate:

  • Food & Beverage: Including 2 receptions, 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 3 breaks (including snacks and beverages), and coffee.
  • Audio/Visual: Including Wi-Fi, general session screens, projectors, computer, microphones, etc. and breakout room screens, projectors, microphones, and computers.
  • Meeting Planning Liaison Assistance: An onsite point of contact who works in the program or in the event space where the meeting will take place that will assist with all logistics leading up to the event and onsite during the event. This person, or another identified individual will be onsite during the meeting to ensure success of the event and access to the meeting spaces.
  • Sleeping Rooms: Nearby hotel accommodation will be needed for approximately 90 attendees. PAEA will contract with the hotel and assume the risk for a rate-guaranteed room block.    
  • Transportation Needs: Though not required, understanding what transportation options may be available for airport or hotel transportation to the meeting space would be helpful to include within your proposal.
  • Parking: Both local and regional attendees may be driving to the event. Accessible parking will be needed for these attendees.

PAEA will cover the cost and logistics of catering, hotel blocks, program materials, and printing.
Institutions will provide meeting space, audio/visual, and an onsite meeting planning liaison.

Target Audience

PA program faculty, staff, and administrators.

RFP Timeline and Review Process

Please submit proposals by May 30, 2024. Proposals will be reviewed by PAEA’s learning team and in consultation with the Regional Education Meeting Work Group. Selection will be communicated by early July.

Selection Criteria

An institution will be selected based upon criteria to include necessary space, costs for PAEA and attendees, accessibility, and availability.

Requirements for Proposals

All interested programs may submit their proposal through our online form by May 30, 2024. Click here to view submission requirements and submit a proposal.

Getting Started

If you are interested in submitting a proposal and not sure where to begin, contact your institution’s conference services, external affairs, student affairs, events center/services, campus experience office, etc. and share this document with them to develop a proposal. PAEA staff are happy to help identify who you might reach out to if needed.  


Please reach out with any questions or to learn more.