Future Educator Fellowship


Are you a PA student interested in a career in PA education? The Future Educator Fellowship (FEF) is for you.

Each year, fifteen PA students are selected to participate in this exciting year-long fellowship, designed to explore foundations in teaching, expose students to the current educational environment, and expand professional development and leadership opportunities.

Selected applicants will attend a kick-off session at the annual PAEA Education Forum. Fellows will participate in designated sessions at the Forum and then engaged in a year-long program, working through educational programming, problems, and competencies designed to foster foundations in PA education. Fellows will also be invited back for the culminating session at the following Education Forum.

The current application cycle is closed, but read on if you think you might apply next year.

Objectives of the Fellowship

The FEF is designed to enhance PA students’ understanding of medical education and academic careers in PA education. The fellowship aims to provide a broad foundation of teaching to prepare students for careers in education. The FEF will help create and enhance students’ pathways to education by fostering students to be learners, leaders, citizens, collaborators, designers, facilitators, and analysts.

The objectives of the 2018–2019 Fellowship include:

  • Foundations in Teaching and Learning
    Fellows will learn about best practices in teaching and learning, particularly when it comes to dealing with adult learners. These competencies will be cultivated through in-person engagement, online learning, and mentoring.
  • Exposure to the Current Educational Environment
    Fellows will learn about the current PA educational landscape. This includes learning about the current political climate, research opportunities, growth within the profession, and future trends that will affect both the PA workforce and the educational space.
  • Leadership and Professional Development
    Fellows will develop the knowledge and skills necessary to become respected professionals in PA education. The fellowship will provide opportunities for networking and enhance leadership skills through effective communication, teaching excellence, high-quality research, advocacy, and service to the profession and the community at large. You will also explore opportunities for interprofessional education and research, develop strategies for collaboration with peers and professionals that enhance the quality and design of PA education, and develop a network of PA students with a shared interest in academic careers in PA education.


This year, the FEF begins by convening students at the 2018 PAEA Education Forum to kick off their fellowship experience. After the Forum, students are expected to participate in online learning modules, discussions, and brief instructional offerings, which will continue to enhance their skill set and expose them to a career path in PA education.

We recognize that the life of a PA student is a busy one with conflicting priorities. Please note, while this fellowship is highly competitive, it is not designed to compete with your first priority as a PA student. Nonetheless, students must commit to the learning experience and the activities required to complete the fellowship.

Sample activities include:

  • Peer-to-peer quarterly check-ins (via Google Hangout)
  • Completion of short online modules (no more than one per month maximum)
  • Problem-solving activities done in partnership with a self-identified mentor
  • Engagement in discussion postings


Please email fef@PAEAonline.org for any questions.