PA Admissions Handbook

The purpose of this handbook is to provide resources for PA educational programs in terms of accreditation standards, policies, and best practices with respect to admissions. The intended audience includes admissions officers, recruitment specialists, admissions committee members, program faculty, program directors, chairs, and medical directors.

The information provided in this handbook is informational only. It is intended to be used as a guide to help PA educational programs develop and evaluate admissions policies and procedures specific to their needs.

This handbook was updated January 2017.

The PA Admissions Handbook was written by the following PAEA members:

  • Christina Robohm, MS, PA-C, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
  • Jacqui Comshaw, MPA, Yale University School of Medicine
  • Doris Dalton, MPA, University of Utah
  • Gia DiGiacobbe, BS, Northwestern University
  • Jeanie McHugo, PhD, PA-C, University of North Dakota
  • Audra Perrino, MS, Stony Brook University
  • Sherrie Spear, MHS, PA-C, Duke University