Scientific Meeting Scholarship

Travel scholarship

The PAEA Board of Directors has established a fund of $10,000 per year to award travel scholarships of up to $2,000 to PA faculty presenting posters or presentations at scientific meetings other than the PAEA Education Forum or the AAPA Conference. This scholarship will complement the other grants programs offered by PAEA and will stimulate faculty to work toward developing research products suitable for presentation at national meetings.

PAEA funding will increase the visibility of PAs and PA faculty at meetings where high-level healthcare decision makers are present.  Recipients of these awards will serve as representatives of PA profession, PA educators, and the Association in addition to representatives of their programs or institutions.

To apply, please fill out an application and email to with a notice or letter of acceptance to the conference or meeting. If you do not receive confirmation or receipt within two business days, please call (703) 667-4335.

Criteria for Scholarship Selection

  • The faculty member must be serving at a PAEA member program at the time of presentation with at least a 0.50 FTE appointment in the PA program.
  • The faculty member must have an accepted (not simply submitted) poster, presentation, or panel proposal that raises the visibility of the PA profession or PA education.
  • Expenses for travel, hotel, conference registration, and food will be covered up to $2,000 per trip. Applicants will be asked to submit estimates of these costs.
  • Meetings for which funding is granted must be at least regional. National meetings are strongly preferred. State and/or local organization meetings are ineligible. International conferences are eligible but require articulated rationale.
  • Presentations or panels are preferred over posters.
  • Each faculty member may receive only one grant per fiscal year (July 1- June 30), but are eligible to re-apply in subsequent years.
  • Program directors whose institutions already provide sufficient travel money for these meetings for their faculty are encouraged to advocate that faculty first take advantage of existing institutional or grant funds.
  • About five (5) scholarships will be awarded per fiscal year. In general, $5,000 in funds is available July 1 – December 30; the remaining $5,000 (plus any unused funds) is available January 1- June 30. This ensures sufficient funding availability for meetings that occur later in the fiscal year.
  • Only $2,000 is available per meeting and per school.  If more than one presenter has been accepted for the same meeting, the awardees will have the option of splitting funds.
  • Awardees are asked to provide a brief overview of the presentation and a digital head shot for PAEA sanctioned media.