PAEA Listserv Instructions

PAEA’s Listservs – automated email discussion groups — offer a forum for PAEA members to exchange ideas and information. PAEA has 19 open listservs. Features available with the new Lyris listserv platform include

Ability to send attachments
Online portal to manage your subscriptions
Keyword searches
Select preferred delivery options, including
– Receive messages as they are sent
– Daily digest of messages
– Daily index with the subject lines
– No mail, e.g., for use when on vacation

Current Listserv Members: If you were a member of one of the PAEA listservs, then your subscription has automatically converted over to the new listserv platform.
Join a listserv: Click here to join a listserv


Sending a Message

You must first be a member of a listserv to send a message to that listserv. To send a message, enter the listserv’s email address in the “To” line. The send-to address appears as (listname)

Example: all faculty list name = all faculty

Please Note:

  • Messages with attachments are limited to size 200K.
  • You must include a subject in subject line; messages will not go through unless you include a subject in the subject field.
  • If using the member portal to send a message, be sure to confirm that you are sending a message to the correct listserv.

Replying to a Message

Please Note: By default, replies are sent to everyone on the list.

To send a message only to the sender, select “forward” and then insert the email address for that individual. Please note that individual messages are not archived in the group listserv.

Group emails are sent “FROM” the individual member’s email address, but when the receiver replies to the email, the group email name will appear automatically in the “TO” field and the message will go to the entire group.

Avoid resending the entire message to which you are replying by cutting and pasting the relevant parts into your response.

Leaving a Listserv

There are two ways to leave a listserv.

  • Send an email to the email address located at the bottom of every listserv message, i.e., “to unsubscribe send a blank email to”
  • Unsubscribe via the online portal. Select the tab “My Forums” and then click “unsubscribe.”

Email Delivery Options

You have the following email delivery options:

  • * Normal = receive messages as they are contributed
  • Digest = receive one daily message with all the contributions for that day
  • Index = receive one daily message with only the subject lines for that day
  • No Mail = receive no mail from this mailing list (great for when you are on extended leave or vacation, and this option still allows you access to the list archives)

* By default, messages are set to “Normal” delivery format.

To change your email delivery, go to

Enter your email address and enter “PAEA” (not case-sensitive) in the password field. Under the heading “Forum Name” select a list. Select the “My Account” tab. Under “Membership Type” select the preferred delivery option.

Sending Attachments

The new listserv platform allows members to send attachments (e.g., Word, pdf files) with their messages. Attach a document to your listserv message the same way as you would in sending a regular email. Messages (including attachments) are limited to size 200K.

Please note: Any messages larger than 200K (including attachments, etc.) will be blocked.

Signature Tag

Identify yourself with a signature tag (e.g., name, organization, email) in all messages.

Out of Office Messages

The sender will receive out-of-the-office auto-replies to a message, but the other group members will not.

Change Your Email Address

To change your email address, go to

Enter your email address and enter “PAEA” (not case-sensitive) in the password field. Under the heading “Forum Name” select a list. Select the “My Account” tab. Then change your email address in the “Your email address” field.

Listserv Rules

By joining a listserv, you agree to follow and abide by the PAEA listserv rules.