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Meet our members – the incredible educators training the next generation of talented, innovative, compassionate healthcare providers. Learn how PA educators across the country are working to overcome significant challenges, create more diverse and inclusive communities, and strengthen their programs for the future.  

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Corinne Feldman

USC: Rethinking Health Disparities

“If you want to change how medicine is provided, you have to change how it’s taught.” Corinne Feldman, MMS, PA-C, University of Southern California Primary Care PA program director of didactic education The University of Southern California Primary Care PA program is transforming health equity training. In this video, Corinne Feldman shares two unique programs designed to teach students how social determinants can shape our health and how to better understand health disparities within a…

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Gannon University: Reimagining the Clinical Year During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has profoundly impacted PA education, particularly clinical education. Kim Cavanagh, DHSc, PA-C, associate professor and chair of the Physician Assistant Department at Gannon University, shares how her program developed individualized student clinical experience plans to ensure each student met their required outcomes. Despite the pause in their clinical education, students’ ongoing desire and additional commitment to offering exceptional patient care became more apparent than ever. From virtual case resources to simulated patient experiences,…

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image of a super proctor water bottle during a remote class.

Fostering Wellness

For the past year, PA programs and their faculty have been operating at surge capacity. Throughout the pandemic, many of us have sacrificed our own well-being. Working from home – in many respects – has become living at work. Which is why it is important to intentionally disconnect from our work and computers. Self-care is critical, not just to preserve our own mental, emotional, and physical well-being, but to also allow us to support our students…

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Skylar Stewart-Clark

The COVID-19 pandemic forced programs to quickly shift the structure of their courses from in-person to remote instruction. Rapidly changing circumstances made it difficult to know whether students would attend classes in person or remotely, or transition part way through a semester. Skylar Stewart-Clark, PhD, PA-C, assistant professor at the Charleston Southern University Physician Assistant Program, was prepared. Stewart-Clark created “procedures kits” to help students in her Patient Assessment and Diagnostic Methods…

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Students at Baylor College of Medicine using the online radiology curriculum

Baylor and CSUMB: Radiology Made Easy

Wondering how to teach students to navigate the mysterious and complex world of diagnostic imaging in a way that is easy to comprehend and engaging? An online simulation education program offered by the American College of Radiology—free of charge—could be just what you’ve been looking for. This innovation was the idea of Stanford professor, Marc Willis, DO, MMM, after he noticed significant gaps in medical education curricula regarding…

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Daytheon Sturges

Daytheon Sturges

Daytheon Sturges, assistant professor and diversity co-chair at the UW Medicine MEDEX Northwest PA program, is creating a more inclusive culture in PA education and calling fellow educators across the nation to join him. The national movement for social justice led Sturges to lead the development of a Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Committee at UW Medicine. In this video, he shares advice for those looking to address diversity, equity, and inclusion on their own campuses.    Watch…

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