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August 31, 2023
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Overview: The Clinical Coordinator is the primary person responsible for all aspects of the clinical year, ensuring both the structure and organization of the clinical curriculum follow current accreditation guidelines and prepare students for current clinical practice. This person must be a certified physician assistant.

Duties and Responsibilities


Plan and coordinate the clinical education and clinical practicum components in the Programs.

Assist the Director/Chair, Medical Director, and SAHP personnel (and/or other agencies) to recruit and enlist the support and active participation of practicing physicians and PAs with the clinical education of PA students.

Assist with organizing, structuring, and scheduling of the clinical curriculum, practicums, and rotations in accordance with estab-lished educational standards and practices.

Direct the assignment and registration of students to clinical practicums and rotations.

Support the student evaluation system to assess student progress and their documented achievement of essential practice skills and clinical competency objectives for each clinical discipline.

Monitor the quality and effectiveness of the didactic and supervised clinical practicum instruction provided within approved hospital or ambulatory training sites.

Regularly evaluate teaching effectiveness of clinical instructors and preceptors involved with the Program.

Perform periodic clinical program assessments to determine compliance with accepted educational and accreditation standards.

Coordinate the evaluation of student performance throughout all clinical instruction in the Program.

Participate as a “team instructor” for courses as needed.


Assist the Director/Chair as needed.

Direct and coordinate the assignment and registration of students to clinical practicums and rotations.

Coordinate and direct clinical curriculum planning, implemen-tation, and evaluation.

Assist with the creation, revision, administration, and evaluation of didactic and clinical problem-oriented examinations.

Supervise the “End of Rotation” activities to include student examinations and the selection and scheduling of speakers and topics.

Direct the annual review and revision of clinical practicum/rotation objectives and “End-of-Rotation” examinations.

Assure proper calculation and posting of clinical practicum/ rotation grades by maintaining direct contact with clinical faculty acting as preceptors throughout the year.

Work with Medical Director, SAHP personnel, and others on issues regarding clinical practicums/rotations, clinical site monitoring, and consultation with clinical preceptors, such as: (1) clinical site/preceptor selection criteria; (2) student scheduling and placement; (3) development of student clinical educational objectives; (4) student evaluation and grading criteria; and (5) the resolution of problems.

Work with Medical Director, SAHP personnel, and others to recruit and enlist new rotation sites and clinical faculty/preceptors and to maintain necessary clinical affiliation agreements.

Coordinate preceptor and graduate placements.

Assist with the management of data bases associated with the educational program as related to: (1) demographics of applicants and students enrolled; (2) student didactic and clinical performance throughout the Program; (3) characteristics of the employment process of recent graduates; and (4) the employment status and practice characteristics of all graduates.

Assist the Director/Chair in providing periodic reports as required and requested to dean, school, university/college divisions and departments, accrediting agencies, and to other outside agencies.

Engage in interdepartmental activities, which promote the interest of the Program.

Attend and participate in assigned departmental/program, school and university/college committee activities.

Assist with Program research activities from among the following areas: (1) PAEA data base; (2) trends in PA education; (3) special studies and issues encompassing other PA programs; (4) factors associated with student performance in the Program and the PANCE; (5) evaluation of student attitudes and behavior during the Program and their practice post-graduation; (6) factors associ-ated with graduate deployment and practice locations; (7) role satisfaction; (8) contribution of PAs to clinical practice; (9) inter-disciplinary relationships between PAs and other health care providers; and (10) factors associated with the change in careers of PA graduates.


Provide lectures to students.

Present conferences and seminars to students and other health care professionals.

Develop appropriate teaching materials to include written, audiovisual, computer, and self-instruction materials.

Supervise and instruct students in didactic and clinical settings.

Assist with the recruitment of adjunct didactic and clinical faculty and promote rapport with local physicians, PAs, and other health care providers.

Make clinical site visits to monitor student progress and assess the quality of training.

Assist the PA Director/Chair in working with the local SAHP (and/or other agencies) to promote the continual development of clinical training sites and clinical preceptors.

Assist the PA Director/Chair and the Clinical Coordinator(s) in maintaining contact with clinical affiliates and preceptors to ensure achievement of Program educational objectives.

Evaluate student didactic and clinical performance in accordance with established objectives and performance standards.

Provide counseling to students, and assist the PA Director/Chair in counseling and supervising faculty and staff.


Represent Department/Program at university/college and other organizational academic and/or social functions.

Attend meetings of professional organizations and/or societies.

Engage in community educational activities to promote the PA concept and profession, to encourage increased utilization or PAs, and to recruit potential PA students.

Remain clinically active and current in the practice of medicine including maintenance of PA certification.

Plan and conduct appropriate research (with students).

Reports to: Program Director/Department Chair.

Email Cover Letter and CV to

Rasha Abdrabou, Interim Department Chair