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Point Loma Nazarene University


San Diego, CA


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March 2, 2023
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Job Description for

Clinical Education Faculty

Point Loma Nazarene University

San Diego, CA


Reports to: Chair, Department of Physician Assistant Education

Position Type: 1.0 FTE Faculty

The primary responsibility of the Clinical Education Faculty member is to support the evaluation and implementation of the clinical curriculum in concert with the program faculty and director. Specific tasks include the following:

  • Design, plan, and implement a cohesive clinical phase curriculum that will meet the training mission of the Point Loma Nazarene University PA Program.
  • Review and devise as necessary clinical year student learning objectives
  • Annually revise and update clinical year manual for students
  • Working with the DCE, orient students to requirements of the clinical year
  • Develop a formal plan to recruit and retain adequate numbers of clinical rotation opportunities for students
  • As a representative of the Program, visit and evaluate potential preceptor sites
  • Plan and conduct site visits of students and preceptors during the clinical year
  • Maintain a database of visit findings; review periodically with other faculty
  • Communicate Program mission and training goals to potential preceptors
  • Collect and submit all required documentation for potential preceptor to Program Director for approval
  • Work with other GME coordinators and staff to insure good preceptor relationships
  • Work closely with the DCE to develop opportunities for training of potential and existing clinical preceptors to insure quality educational experiences for our students
  • Participate in orientation of students to individual clinical sites or rotation experiences
  • Counsel PA students with regard to PA Program expectations and clinical year learning objectives
  • Counsel PA students with regard to selection of core clinical rotations, advanced clinical preceptorships and potential employment opportunities
  • Delegate as appropriate, clinical year administrative tasks such as designing and distributing clinical year schedules, end of rotation (EOR) schedules, organizing student immunization sessions, issuance of student identification badges, and coordination of required applications for temporary hospital privileges for students during the clinical year

Clinical Year Evaluation

Assure the appropriate evaluation of PA students during the both core and elective phases of the clinical year. Engage in ongoing evaluation of the clinical curriculum and clinical student activities to insure professional competency and high quality education outcomes:


  • Participate in the formal evaluation of students' clinical year performance
  • In conjunction with the DCE design/develop appropriate testing methodologies to assess acquisition of program competencies
  • Develop and revise as necessary evaluation instruments
  • Review written subjective and objective evaluation data from each student's preceptor for each assigned rotation during the clinical phase
  • Monitor both individual and group performance during the clinical year
  • Encourage the promotion of feedback to PA students from clinical preceptors
  • Meet formally with student advisees during the clinical year to review progress and assess strengths and weaknesses prior to advancement to preceptor phase of training
  • Direct students to keep appropriate tally of clinical patient experiences and procedures for each rotation. Review these documents to ascertain student progress
  • Based upon the aforementioned evaluation tools, assign grades for each rotation and maintain complete and up-to-date records of student performance. Provide a written and oral presentation of student progress to members of the Progress and Promotions Committee each semester. Submit grades to University Records when completed each semester
  • Working with the DCE, ensure that clinical placements for the SCPE meet ARC standards.

Teaching Responsibilities

  • Develop and revise as necessary appropriate clinical year learning objectives for students
  • Design, develop and organize both didactic instruction and clinical (procedural) skills training sessions during the clinical year which will serve to augment clinical year instruction
  • Assist with the development of written standardized patient cases and training of simulated patients for use in the clinical year
  • Work with DCE to develop and maintain outside sources of Program support that aid in providing high quality clinical year instruction to our students
  • Participate in the development of the Summative Evaluation to ensure compliance with the ARC standards
  • Provide lectures and serve as a lab instructor to the first year students on topics in areas of expertise and interest.

General Responsibilities

  1. Participate in faculty meetings, Progress and Promotions Committee, Curriculum Committee and Admissions Committee.
  2. Follow the academic progress and provide academic counseling and recommendations for assigned learning community students
  3. Review and critique patient databases/work-ups submitted by advisees as part of their course work.
  4. Submit rotation grade reports to the Registrar's Office and post grades for all students. Ensure PA faculty receive a progress report on their advisees.
  5. Participate in faculty development and other related course work, seminars, workshops to remain current.
  6. Support and participate in state, national organizations to promote the profession and strengthen network resources.
  7. Maintain credential to practice (state, national) i.e., CME.
  8. Counsel and advise approximately 7-9 students per class year regarding

1. academic performance and clinical performance

2. program related concerns

3. selection of clinical electives


  • Graduate of an accredited physician assistant program
  • Minimum of a master's degree – doctorate preferred
  • NCCPA certified
  • Licensed (or eligible for licensure) as a physician assistant in California.
  • Prior academic experience preferred but not required