CEO Search


This year, PAEA finds itself confronted with a challenge not yet faced in the organization’s history. In January, CEO Timi Agar Barwick announced her retirement from the Association after more than 27 years of dedicated service. Because of Ms. Barwick’s long tenure, this will be the first time that PAEA has had to recruit for the position of CEO. With a keen understanding of the importance of this endeavor, the Board of Directors acted immediately to form a search committee to determine and lead the recruitment process for the next CEO.

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Search Committee

On February 6, the Board approved the formation of an ad hoc recruitment committee (the “Search Committee”) and authorized it to identify and engage a national executive search firm, interview candidates for the position of CEO, and make recommendations to the Board concerning the hiring of the new CEO. The following Board members were appointed to the Search Committee:

    • Howard Straker (President Elect; Committee Chair)
    • Jon Bowser (President)
    • Carl Garrubba (Treasurer)
    • Kara Caruthers (Director at Large)
    • Kevin Schuer (Director at Large)

Search Firm

In April, the Search Committee made the decision to partner with Witt/Kieffer for the Association’s CEO search. Witt/Kieffer is a national executive recruitment firm that works primarily with organizations dedicated to improving quality of life: health care organizations, life science companies, higher education and not-for-profit organizations. Their 50 years of experience will help the Search Committee recruit a leader who will possess the best mix of skills, experience, vision, and character to fulfill PAEA’s mission and provide outstanding leadership for the organization.

Process and Timeline

Search Committee
PAEA Board appoints and charges a committee
Timeline: February 2019
Status: Done

Search Firm
Search Committee solicits, vets, and selects a firm
Timeline: April 2019
Status: Done

Discovery & Engagement
Search Committee and firm build out knowledge of PAEA and key competencies required for the CEO role
Timeline: Spring 2019
Status: Done

Search firm launches the national recruitment effort, including targeted recruitment, interviewing, and vetting
Timeline: June–October 2019
Status: Done

New CEO Announcement
Search Committee is optimistic that a new CEO will be announced Fall 2019.
Status: Done

New CEO Announced