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PA Ranked Among Best Jobs in America

January 27, 2016

Job website Glassdoor released its 2016 list of Best Jobs in America, and PA ranked seventh. Scores were tallied using three factors – number of job openings, salary, and career opportunities. Nurse practitioner, the only other health care profession on the list, came in at 23.

2016 Scores for PA
Job Openings: 3,364
Median Base Salary: $97,000
Career Opportunity: 3.5
Job Score: 4.6

In 2015, PA ranked number one on Glassdoor’s list. The slip in the rankings may be at least partly attributed to a change in the way job openings were determined. Previously, job openings were counted over a three-month period. In 2016, job openings were counted on only one particular day (January 8, 2016).

Meanwhile, U.S. News & World Report ranked PA as number five on its 2016 100 Best Jobs list. Incredibly, the top 12 jobs were all in health care professions.