Call for 2020 PAEA Board of Directors

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Call for 2020 PAEA Board of Directors

The call for nominations for the 2020 PAEA Board of Directors is now closed. PAEA encourages all member faculty to take an active role in the Association’s leadership activities, by personally considering Board service or encouraging another member to pursue a Board position, or encouraging a student to apply for the student member at large position.

Board membership represents the highest level of service to PAEA. Board members assume fiduciary responsibility for the Association and are ambassadors for both the profession and for PA education. They gain the opportunity for personal and professional growth, engage deeply with the major issues confronting PA education and the profession, develop a greater sense of community with their fellow PA educators, and advance the mission of PAEA. Candidates who will enhance the diversity of the Board are strongly encouraged to apply.

Positions Available

  • President Elect
  • Director at Large (3 positions)
  • Student Member at Large. The student position is filled through a separate application and selection process. See below.

Five positions are open for the 2020 Board of Directors. An election to fill all but the student position will be held at the 2019 PAEA Education Forum in Washington, DC. The student position is filled through a separate application and selection process.

Apply Online Apply for the Student Position

Qualifications for Service and Position Descriptions

All candidates for PAEA office are expected to be able to:

  • Solve problems in creative and innovative ways
  • Lead and communicate with skill and diplomacy
  • Conduct business in a professional and ethical manner
  • Listen and employ public speaking skills effectively
  • Work collaboratively and facilitate dialogue
  • Fulfill the responsibilities of the office they seek
  • Maintain confidentiality on sensitive issues

In addition, candidates should be prepared to fulfill the responsibilities listed below. General Board duties can be found in Article 4 of PAEA’s bylaws.

Travel and Funding

All Board members attend quarterly Board meetings, typically three days in length. Meetings are typically held at the PAEA national office, a retreat location, and at the Education Forum. The president is expected to travel, as a representative of the Association, to a number of conferences and meetings, and occasionally to the national office for planning and advocacy purposes. Although there is no monetary compensation for your time, PAEA pays all expenses associated with Board service, including attendance at Board meetings.