The Stories That Got You Talking in 2015

By Marsea NelsonDecember 22, 2015

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Before bidding adieu to the past year, we take a look back at the topics that most piqued your interest.

5. How to Create a Culturally Competent PA
Since it’s inception, Carroll University’s PA program has focused on developing PAs who can give the best possible care — regardless of their patients’ backgrounds.

4. Five Things You Should Know About Title VII
As the sole source of federal funding directly supporting PA programs, Title VII is a topic that every PA educator needs to understand.

3. From Clinic to Classroom: 6 Ways to Successfully Make the Transition
New PA educator Shaun Lynch shares his lessons learned — providing valuable insight for other green educators and the program directors guiding them along the way.

2. Earning a PhD: 10 Problems That Could Blindside You
With a heavy dose of humor, Jennifer Coombs gives her advice on the (sometimes painful) road to earning a PhD.

1. Note-Taking in the Digital Age
The number one most read article of 2015! Sabba Quidwai helps make sense of all the digital note-taking options that are changing the way both PA students and faculty store information. 


Marsea Nelson
Marsea Nelson

Marsea serves as public affairs manager at the Physician Assistant Education Association. She helps write and edit the Association's external communications.