Future Educator Fellowship

The 2017 application will be available on May 1


The Future Educator Fellowship was created to provide PA students interested in a future career as PA educators a better understanding of medical education and academic careers in PA education. The fellowship focuses on professional development, leadership, and mentorship for future PA educators.

The program consists of an intensive two-day student track during the Education Forum in Minneapolis, completing projects under the mentorship of PA faculty, allowing fellows to develop or enhance skills in:

  • Professional Development
    Fellows will discover academic opportunities within PA education; network with faculty, preceptors, and program directors to gain an understanding of the breadth of career possibilities within PA education; and explore research and advocacy opportunities as they relate to PA education.
  • Leadership
    Fellows will develop knowledge and skills necessary to become respected professionals in PA education through effective communication, networking, teaching excellence, high quality research, advocacy, and service to the profession and the community at large. They will also explore opportunities for interprofessional education and research, develop strategies for collaboration with peers and professionals that enhance the quality and design of PA education, and develop a network of PA students with a shared interest in academic careers in PA education.
  • Networking
    As a future educator fellow, you will collaborate with a mentor to produce a PA project incorporating elements of scholarship, community engagement, health care or education innovation, and/or advocacy. This project is an opportunity to build or enhance skills in preparation for a PA education career. Educators possess a diversity of knowledge, skills, and experiences, and the guidelines for this project will reflect the variety of contributions made to enhancing PA education.


  • Application opens: May 1


Current PA students who are enrolled (didactic or clinical) in good academic standing in a PAEA member program as of October 14, 2016, are eligible to apply. The program director must complete a certification form and agree that the student will be released from classes or rotations on October 14-15, 2016, including any additional necessary travel time.

Selection Criteria

  1. Completed application per instructions
  2. Eligibility (see above)
  3. Creativity of personal statement and responses to questions


Selected applicants will be awarded a $1,200 (maximum) stipend to cover travel, hotel, and meal expenses.


Email us at students@PAEAonline.org.