PAEA Data on Demand: Matriculating Students

Beginning in 2018, each member PA program’s students’ responses to the Matriculating Student Survey (MSS) can be made available directly to that program. This is an opportunity for programs to build invaluable longitudinal databases for educational research and evaluation, linking student survey responses to data that programs are already collecting themselves.

Interested programs must first obtain Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval to collect and store these data. An application to participate in the next year’s MSS data collection, including proof of IRB approval, must be submitted to the Research Team online.

The deadline for participation in the 2018 MSS cycle is December 18, 2017. Without IRB approval, we will unfortunately be unable to include your program in the 2018 MSS data collection cycle.

Download these forms for inclusion in your application to your institution’s IRB:

Submit Application

Programs will be required to agree to the following policies:

  • Student participation in the Matriculating Student Survey is strictly voluntary.
  • Student consent to release data to the program is strictly voluntary.
  • Data will only be made available if the overall participation rate among the matriculating cohort is at least 80%.
  • Programs will receive students’ unaltered, raw data.
  • Programs must take extensive measures to protect student privacy and confidentiality, including storing data on a secure, password-protected server accessible only to investigators trained in human subjects protections.
  • Programs may not release identified student data to any external individuals or parties.
  • The source of the data must be properly cited in any published works in any format, or in other forms of dissemination of the data in whole or part.
  • Violation of these stipulations may result in forfeiture of any further access to PAEA data.

Per normal MSS procedures, program directors (PDs) will be contacted two weeks before the month in which the program matriculates students. PDs will receive a survey link and pre-written emails with information about the MSS to send to students. Programs that meet or exceed the minimum 80% overall response rate among their matriculating class will receive their students’ raw, unaltered data within 60 days of matriculation. Data on Demand requests will only be honored if the PA program is in good standing, meaning dues are up-to-date and the program has completed the most recent Program and Curriculum Surveys. This service is free for member programs and does not count toward programs’ hour of free data request services.

If you have any questions, please contact the PAEA Research Team at