Faculty & Directors Survey and Reports

Faculty & Directors Report 3

The Faculty & Directors Survey collects information from PA faculty and directors on demographics, job satisfaction, roles and responsibilities, and salary information. This information was previously collected as part of the Program Survey. However, to improve the data’s validity and level of detail, PAEA decided to gather the same information directly from individual faculty, directors, and staff. The inaugural Faculty & Directors Survey was launched in 2014 and will be administered every other year. Reports are released in the spring following survey completion.

Faculty & Directors Report

Data from the Faculty & Directors Survey inform the Association and its member programs about employee salary and employment trends that may affect recruitment and retention, providing insight into the faculty workforce pipeline. You can view the survey instrument from this and previous years here.

Download the complete 2018 Faculty & Directors Research Report – pdf

Download the complete 2015 Faculty & Directors Research Report – pdf

Download the complete 2014 Faculty & Directors Research Report – pdf