Don Pedersen Research Grants Program

This grant program is intended to foster early career PA faculty development through research — about both PA education and workforce issues — that is aligned with PAEA’s strategic goals. Each year, the PAEA Grants and Scholarships Review Committee reviews blinded proposals and awards up to $7,000 each to between one and four researchers, with a total possible allotment of $21,000.

The Don Pedersen Research Grants program initially began in 1997 as the Association of Physician Assistant Programs Research Institute Small Grants program. Pedersen’s first donation to the program occurred that same year. The present endowment, with donations and subsequent board contributions, was created in 2013 to fully fund the program. The name of the grants program was then changed to the Don Pedersen Research Grants program to honor Pedersen’s generous contributions.

We are not currently accepting applications. Applications for the 2018–2019 cycle will open this summer.

Learn about past award winners and their projects