Leadership Opportunities

PAEA Seeks Chairs for Three Exam Development Boards

We are seeking chairs for three Exam Development Boards (EDBs):

  • PACKRAT™ Exam Development Board
  • Internal Medicine/Family Medicine End of Rotation™ Exam Development Board
  • Women’s Health/Pediatrics/Psychiatry End of Rotation™ Exam Development Board

The EDBs are each charged with providing oversight for the maintenance and enhancement of PAEA’s exam products. They also guide the development and implementation of assessment services at PAEA and assure that products and resources align with program, faculty, and student needs.

Exam Development Board Highlights

For the last five years, the EDBs have written more than 1,400 items per year for PAEA’s seven End of Rotation examinations (Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine, General Surgery, Women’s Health, Psychiatry and Behavioral Health, and Pediatrics) and PACKRAT™. Beginning in April of each year, the EDBs follow a challenging — but rewarding — production schedule that involves writing, reviewing, and approving test items that ultimately end up on exams administered to PA students nationwide. In 2016, PAEA exams were administered more than 40,000 times. EDB members are given ongoing opportunities to hone their test item-writing skills, become better peer reviewers, and learn about the process of developing national exams. The chairs’ work is to guide those activities with the assistance of PAEA Assessment staff.

Terms of service for chairs are three years with eligibility for a one-term reappointment. Incumbents will serve as chair elect beginning in May 2017 to shadow the current chair. Full chairmanship for the three currently open positions will begin on March 1, 2018, and end in advance of the Exam Development Summit in 2021 (usually in late March).

Experience and Qualifications

  • Must possess strong leadership skills, communication skills, and the ability to guide and mentor a group of item writers
  • Should have an extensive background in quality item writing, peer review practice, and editorial work
  • Should have an interest in the critical evaluation of exam forms, including familiarity with item statistics, key validation, and form review
  • Should have PA educational and clinical experience

Responsibilities/Expectations of the Chair

  • Mentor EDB members and delegate responsibilities and tasks related to the PAEA Assessment production schedule, including:
  • Item writing assignments
  • Peer review
  • Editorial review
  • Form review
  • Key validation
  • Work with staff to engage EDB members in tasks and deadlines related to the EDB charge
  • Attend the annual three-day, in-person Exam Development Summit and lead your EDB in item review
  • Lead the EDB’s conference calls, scheduled as needed
  • Participate in the nomination and selection of new EDB members, as needed
  • Participate in strategic work to advance assessment resources and education for the Association.

Time/Travel Commitments

EDB chairs are expected to attend and facilitate discussion at the Exam Development Summit for a two-and-a-half to three-day in-person peer review meeting held annually in March, and participate in strategic planning for PAEA Assessments.

The ongoing time commitments include regular email communications with members about their item writing and review progress, monthly office hours between May and August to mentor and foster communication among EDB members, and regular coordination meetings. Periodic assignments, such as form review, small group assignments, and Exam Development Summit facilitation preparations are required.

Members are supported for travel, lodging, and meals at annual in-person meetings.

Application Requirements

  • Must submit a complete application as outlined in the volunteer call.
  • Must be a member of a PAEA member program. Individual colleagues or individuals at institutional colleague programs are not eligible for chair positions
  • Must have at least two years’ experience as a member of a PAEA volunteer group
  • This position includes a term as chair elect from May 2017 through March 2018, designed to ensure that newly elected individuals are prepared for the operational responsibilities of the role and receive mentoring from the outgoing chair. These responsibilities include:
    • Participating in form review in May of 2017
    • Learning the PAEA exam development process and production schedule
    • Getting to know the item writers and their group dynamics.

Note: As chair elect, one will not be required to participate in any in-person meetings. The outgoing chair will step down in March 2018 and the chair elect will become the full chair at the Exam Development Summit in March 2018.

To Apply

Applicants must submit:

  • A letter of interest in the position available
  • A current and complete curriculum vitae (CV)
  • A signed Statement of Eligibility

Additionally, applicants for the EDB openings must submit three sample test items. The sample questions should address the following content and task areas:

  • Pulmonology, Health Maintenance
  • Gastroenterology, Diagnostic Studies
  • Cardiology, Clinical Therapeutics

Upon appointment, newly selected chairs will be expected to sign a conflict of interest disclosure form, stipulating that they agree to keep all PAEA Assessment materials confidential, meet all production cycle requirements, and do not write exam items (for pay or not) for any entity except their program.

Those interested may submit their application online by Wednesday, April 5.