Leadership Opportunities

PAEA has temporarily paused new applications for volunteer positions on our councils and committees.

Given the amount of change that the association is undergoing — including the Board’s updated planning process, significant growth in the number of member programs and their needs, and a shift toward higher-level strategic work at the council level — appointing new volunteers to our current councils and committees would pose a challenge. How can we bring new members onto our councils and committees when we’re not sure what our work will look like in 2017?

Pausing the volunteer appointment process for one year allows us to take a comprehensive look into the most effective way to align our volunteers and staff – and to allow the Board to consider the most impactful volunteer work to support our emerging strategy.

There are a few exceptions to this pause: first, chairs and members that are up for reappointment for a second term will still be brought forward for approval; second, the Journal of Physician Assistant Education Editorial Advisory Board and feature editors, and members of the Conference Council are exempt from this pause, as their work will be unchanged by any strategic planning developments.

We know that volunteer service is an important component of promotion and tenure — as well as your way to contribute to PAEA’s educational mission. We’ll certainly need your involvement in the coming year to help us address emergent challenges and opportunities. As these arise, we’ll appoint focused workgroups and task forces, announce these openings over the course of 2017, and encourage you to apply.

Questions? Email us at leadership@PAEAonline.org.

Conference Council – 1 position open

Council Work Description

The Conference Council provides networking and educational opportunities for PA educators at the PAEA Education Forum and the AAPA conference.

The council’s primary responsibility is overseeing the Forum’s education sessions. Members manage the blinded peer-review process of proposals, schedule the presentations, and moderate and evaluate the sessions during the Forum. They also facilitate and plan networking opportunities at the conference.

In addition, the council selects the sessions that PAEA presents during the annual AAPA conference.

Council Highlights

Each year the Forum continues to grow. Consistently, there have been more submitted proposals and higher numbers of attendees. The council pays special attention to identifying networking opportunities during the Forum and continues to offer sessions of interest to faculty and staff serving in a variety of roles. A select group of students were able to attend the 2015 and 2016 Forums and an extra advocacy component was included in the 2015 Forum in Washington, DC.

Member Profile

The council is seeking a well-qualified member with an interest in further developing the annual Education Forum — someone who is open to being creative, innovative, and proactive, and who has an interest in advancing the work of the council and Forum to positively impact PA programs and the profession. A strong candidate will be a thought leader in andragogy with a demonstrated ability to work collaboratively. Those with experience with peer-review processes are strongly encouraged to apply.

Time/Travel Commitments

Council members are supported to attend an annual in-person meeting, usually held early in the calendar year, at the PAEA national office in Washington, DC. This meeting usually lasts 1.5 days, 2 nights and is scheduled based on the availability of the members. Council members are required and supported to attend the PAEA Education Forum and expected to moderate and evaluate education sessions as assigned by the chair. A few council members will be invited to attend one additional in-person meeting in May in order to assist in developing the schedule for the Forum.

Council members’ heaviest time commitment is in April during the proposal review process. During this time, members generally spend approximately 5-6 hours per month reviewing and discussing session proposals.

These interactions take place by email and conference calls. Commitments for the remainder of the year involve little time outside of the monthly, one-hour conference call.

To Apply

Please submit your application here by December 19:

  • A letter of interest in the position available
  • A current and complete curriculum vitae (CV)
  • A signed Statement of Eligibility

Application Requirements

  • Must submit a complete application as outlined above.
  • An applicant must be part of a PAEA member program or an individual colleague member.
  • Two members from one institution cannot sit on the Conference Council. Please check the roster for 2017 before applying. Also, members of other councils cannot hold appointments on the Conference Council at the same time. Members of the Board of Directors are not eligible to apply.
  • Terms of service for members are two years with eligibility for a one-term reappointment based on the recommendation of the chair of the Conference Council.
  • Members’ terms will begin January 1, 2017, and end on December 31, 2018.
  • Members are supported for travel, lodging, and meals for their annual in-person meeting and for the PAEA Education Forum.