Leadership Opportunities

PAEA Assessment Editor in Chief – Request for Proposals/Leadership Opportunity

PAEA invites proposals for editorial oversight of PAEA Assessment publications, the suite of exam products created annually by PA educators for PA students. This RFP is open for bids from active PA educators at PAEA member programs.


PAEA seeks to hire an Assessment Editor in Chief (referred to below as the “contractor”). This person should be a well-respected assessment expert from the PA community. PAEA intends to enter into a three-year contract with the contractor, who will provide editorial oversight of PAEA Assessment publications. The contract period, from July 1, 2017, to June 30, 2020, will be subject to annual review.


  • Deadline for proposal submission: June 16, 2017
  • Phone interviews: June 27–30, 2017
  • Notification of winning bid: July 3, 2017
  • Contract responsibilities begin: As soon as possible

Nature of Service

The contractor will assume the following annual responsibilities:

  1. Work with PAEA Assessment staff to ensure the overall quality and coordination of the exam development, editorial, and production processes.
  2. Work with PAEA Assessment staff to ensure that the annual assessment production schedule is kept on track, with timely participation, submissions, and reviews by Exam Development Board volunteers.
  3. In close collaboration with the Manager, Assessment, plan and conduct a joint meeting of the Exam Development Boards each spring (the Exam Development Summit), and participate in an in-person planning meeting at the PAEA office each fall.
  4. Monitor assessment-related news, literature, policy, and education, as well as medical guidelines, for potentially relevant updates to PAEA Assessment products.
  5. In collaboration with the PAEA Assessment staff, develop educational programming for the annual Exam Development Summit and Education Forum, to raise and broaden Exam Development Board- and Association-member thinking on assessment trends and best practices.
  6. In collaboration with psychometric consultants and the Exam Development Boards, recommend strategies to increase exam item quality and improve overall assessment product quality.
  7. In close collaboration with the Chief Assessment Officer, make final decisions on when and how to launch new and updated assessment products.
  8. Actively participate in discussion and foster relationships with the PAEA Board of Directors and other PAEA leaders at the Leadership Summit and Education Forum.
  9. Make recommendations to the PAEA Board of Directors for appointment of chairs to the Exam Development Boards.


The contractor will report to the PAEA Manager, Assessment, and work in close collaboration with the entire PAEA Assessment team. The contractor will provide a written annual report to PAEA, indicating the state of PAEA Assessment publications.

Period of Service and Termination

The period of performance will be from July 1, 2017, to June 30, 2020, with the potential for one-term renewal.


The contractor will receive a fee of $4,000 per quarter. The contractor is solely responsible for payment of taxes, is not entitled to workers’ compensation, unemployment compensation, or any employee benefits. PAEA will also cover travel costs to attend required meetings in accordance with PAEA’s travel reimbursement policy, which include the PAEA Education Forum, Exam Development Summit, Leadership Summit, and one in-person PAEA Assessment strategic planning meeting.


The contractor may not assign or transfer this agreement, any interest therein, or claim, without the prior approval of PAEA.

Conflict of Interest

The contractor shall ensure that there exists no conflict of interest, and every effort will be made to avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest between the contractor and the contractor’s family, business, or financial interests and services provided under this contract. As part of the contract for this work, the contractor must agree to the terms of PAEA Exam Development Board Roles and Responsibilities regarding the security and confidentiality of materials, originality of work product and ownership and work, HIPAA, and potential or apparent conflicts of interest. Should the situation change during the period of the contract, the contractor will advise PAEA of such change in writing as soon as discovered.

Nature of Relationship

The contractor is independent of PAEA and shall not act as an agent for PAEA; nor shall the contractor be deemed an employee of PAEA for any purposes whatsoever. The contractor shall not enter into any agreement or incur any obligations on PAEA’s behalf or commit PAEA in any manner without PAEA’s prior written approval.

Criteria for Selection

All proposals will be evaluated by PAEA Assessment staff and the Executive Team. Consultants with competitive proposals may be asked to present their vision in a telephone interview.  Applicants must clearly meet the following criteria:

  • Familiarity with PAEA, PA education, and related issues
  • Strong leadership and communication skills (experience in PAEA volunteer leadership preferred)
  • Extensive background in multiple choice exam item writing, peer review, item statistics, key validation, and form review
  • Exam development and editorial expertise relating to national standardized exams
  • Ability to work with PAEA staff to produce quality exams according to established timelines
  • Ability to fulfill the time commitment necessary for this position

Procedures for Submitting a Proposal

A proposal must be submitted no later than June 16. A complete and concise proposal will contain the following components:

  • Letter of interest
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • A summary document which details your qualifications relative to those requested
  • A list of two references that can speak to your leadership experience and assessment expertise (please include contact information)
  • A proposal outlining your vision for the future of PAEA Assessment program, not to exceed one page

Once selected, the Editor in Chief will be required to obtain a letter from his/her sponsoring institution indicating its support of the appointment and for the release time to fulfill the designated responsibilities (estimated at one day per week).

Proposals can be sent electronically to Lynn Heitzman at lheitzman@paeaonline.org.

Proposal deadline: June 16, 2017